Top 3 ShowBox Alternatives

No doubt ShowBox is one of the most favourite and popular TV show and Movie watching app that one can install on PC, Smartphone, Windows, Mac etc. There are a lot of features of ShowBox application but still there are many users that look for other alternatives. In case you are also one of those people, we have brought to your top 3 ShowBox alternatives that you can use in order to watch free movies and TV shows online.

However, the other applications mentioned here might or might not contain the features that are available in ShowBox application. In addition to that they might charge you some extra money for some videos or features.

  1. PlayBox HD

PlayBox similar to ShowBox offers a huge list of free TV shows as well as movies to its user. However, its database is not as big as ShowBox and is available for both Apple as well as Android users. There are no subscription plans offered by the application that means that you get access to all these videos for free.

  1. PopcormTimePopcornTime app is another excellent app that you can go for if you really like watching movies and all other video stuff. It is also a free application and does not charge anything for videos that are available in their database. All you need to do is download their application and then watch all videos you want anytime and anywhere.screenshot-popcorn-time-2
  1. Movie Box

There are many applications that offer free online movies and TV shows. But most of the applications offer old movies among which most are not very popular. But Movies Box is a unique app that offers all the new movies which are recently released as well. You can watch them online and can even download them on your PC or smartphones totally free. You can get the latest version of Movie Box from here.

Bonus App


Fixity is also a very popular app that offer free movie and TV shows to its users online. However, there are a lot of issues in the Fixit Android app but the iOS app works incredibly well. The fixity database contains about 4000 movies as well as 600 TV shows that you can watch on Android, iOS devices as well as on your PC.


So these were some of the best alternatives that you can find for ShowBox application. However, ShowBox is the one which offers you most features. You can Download ShowBox APK from here but in case you are not comfortable with it, these are the once you can try out.